As a school we subscribe to various learning packages to support our pupils in their learning. 


GCSE Pod is a fantastic resource to support learning in all year groups across our curriculum.  Many subjects in school use GCSE Pod as part of homework.  Pupils are encouraged to use GCSE Pod independently to research topics that they will be covering in the future, refresh knowledge of topics they have studied and to prepare for assessments.  GCSE Pod also contains a number of resources to help develop study skills examination preparation.  

GCSEPod is available on the internet by clicking here and on the links within the staff and pupils areas of our school website. 

Below are shorts video with more information for parents.  

Hegarty Maths 

Hegarty Maths is used to set homework and aid revision for pupils in all years.  It is also a great tool for consolidation and revision of topics already covered, therefore pupils are expected to use it independently before internal and external examinations. The program will help and support pupils using the tutorial videos and quizzes they provide.

All tasks are given a week for completion and there are clear guidelines on how they should be completed in the documents below.  The link between completing the homework task and notes/working out being made in their Hegarty exercise book is an important step to success, so please take the time to read these documents.

Hegarty Maths


The Science Faculty are using the Tassomai software programme as homework for all pupils this year. This is an app that generates exam questions tailored to each pupil’s individual needs and to support her learning. Please ensure your daughter has registered her account and is completing tasks daily. 

The app can be used online or downloaded onto a smart phone, tablet or computer.  Full instructions for pupils are available on the Pupil Portal, which pupils can easily log into by using the Office 365 link at the top of our school website. (

We urge you to monitor your daughter’s usage regularly to support better progress in Science. You daughter can speak to her Science teacher or Dr Malik if there are any problems. 

Maths Whizz

Maths-Whizz is an award-winning online tutor that is used by pupils in Year 7. Maths Whizz accelerates learning, builds confidence and helps our pupils to reach their potential in maths through educational online maths games. Year 7 pupils are all expected to complete 45 minutes on this program each week as part of their Maths homework.