ParentPay enables parents/carers to make payments for their child's lunches and school trips, and enables parents/carers to receive important communications from the school. 

ParentPay Activation 

When pupils join the school, parents/carers are issued with a "ParentPay Activation Letter" that contains a temporary ParentPay username and password.  As part of the account activation, the parent/carer will need to choose an email address and new password to use with ParentPay. Parents/carers should follow the instructions in the letter, and on  to successfully activate their account. 

Forgotten Passwords 

If a parent/carer can't get into their ParentPay account, they should go to --> Login, and choose the "Forgotten password" link. Parents/carers should not need to contact school to regain access to ParentPay accounts. 

Cashless Catering / Trips / Books 

The school uses cashless catering for all food and drinks purchases. By using ParentPay, parents/carers can keep track of their daughter's food and drinks purchases and balance, and can top up the account and pay for school trips/books etc. Please see guidance on 


ParentPay enables the school to send important communications to parents/carers. Please note the following: 

Urgent SMS / Text Messages 

In order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all pupils under the school's statutory duty of care, the school will occasionally send URGENT SMS / text messages to parents/carers. For example, to notify parents of emergency closure. Such URGENT communication will be sent to the identified first contact parent/carer on our system for all pupils, regardless of whether or not the parent/carer has chosen to activate their ParentPay account. It is the parent/carer's responsibility to ensure that the school has a correct/current mobile phone number. 

Normal SMS / Text Messages 

The school would also like to keep parents/carers informed of pupils' education and school events taking place via 'normal' (non-urgent) SMS messages and emails to parents/carers. The school requires verifiable consent from parents/carers for non-urgent communication via SMS/email. 

To benefit from 'normal' SMS messages from the school, the parent/carer needs to activate their ParentPay account, accept the ParentPay terms and conditions, and configure their ParentPay 'profile' with a personal mobile phone number. Please see the guidance on for details. 

To benefit from 'normal' emails from the school, the parent/carer needs to activate their ParentPay account, and accept the ParentPay terms and conditions. 


Please note that, parents/carers will not be able to receive important 'normal' communications from the school via SMS and email unless they activate their ParentPay accounts.