Our school sets a home-school agreement which is signed by school, parent and pupil. The terms of the agreement will help us achieve and maintain our aims and values:

Professional Teaching Standards means ..

We make a commitment to plan, review and evaluate everything we do

  • Helping your daughter to make outstanding progress to achieve her full potential
  • Helping your daughter to develop as a responsible, thoughtful citizen who can Make Change Happen
  • Giving personal support and rewarding endeavour
  • Setting high standards of work and behaviour

Professional Learning Standards means ....

I make a commitment to being here every day, in every lesson and on time

  • Helping myself by listening carefully and bringing my books and equipment every day
  • Helping others by noticing them and giving them my support
  • Giving my stamp sheet to my family every day and talking about my work
  • Sharing in looking after our school and Making Change Happen

Working In Partnership with Families and Carers means ....

We make a commitment to ensure our daughter attends for a minimum of 96% and that she arrives on time every day

  • Helping our daughter to become independent in bringing work and equipment every day
  • Helping our daughter to become independent, dressed in uniform and behaving courteously
  • Giving our support by checking her stamp sheet and discussing her work every day
  • Setting high standards for our daughter and sharing relevant information promptly