6 December 2019

Value Voice Crew

The Value Voice Crew have selected the value of ‘gratitude’ for December. Gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness...

2 December 2019

Year 11 Parent Evening

Year 11 pupils have brought home a letter with details of the forthcoming parent evening. Please ensure that the response slip is returned to school by Monday 9th December.

29 November 2019

Charity Collection for our Local Foodbank

We are collecting non-perishable food to support local families in crisis and need for 2 weeks from Monday 2nd December until Monday 16th December. ..

29 November 2019

Priority 1 Contact Email Address

The school will be sending an SMS message to parents/carers that have not registered an email address with the school. If you receive the SMS text message, please reply to the message, stating an email address that the school can add to your daughter’s Priority 1 Contact record. The school will start using the School gateway app soon, and it requires an email address and mobile number to be registered.

26 November 2019

Supporting your daughter with her reading

Pupils in Years 7 to 9 have today brought a letter of invitation to Learning Performance Workshop - Supporting Your Daughter with her Reading on Monday 2nd December...

22 November 2019

Important Notice

Please be aware that the School no longer produces letters on behalf of parents to confirm pupils current or previous attendance at Hodge Hill Girls’ School...  

22 November 2019

Maths Whizz and Hegarty Maths

Maths Whizz and Hegarty Maths are used to support pupil learning of Maths. Click here to find out more...

19 November 2019

World Skills Show

This week a group of our Year 10 and Year 9 pupils are attending the World Skills Show. On Saturday there is a family day, where parents and pupils can learn together about a variety of career opportunities...

18 November 2019

Introducing School Gateway

Today we are sending students home with a letter and leaflet introducing School Gateway... Please ensure you return to school by Friday 22/11/2019...

15 November 2019

2019 GCSE Art Portfolios

Art portfolios of work for pupils who completed their Art GCSE in June 2019 are now available for collection if required. Please telephone reception to make a convenient time to collect your portfolio. Thank you.

15 November 2019

Supporting Independent Learning

Pupils are provided with a variety of ways to access learning and revision materials online. More information on how Hegarty Maths, Maths Whizz, Tassomai and GCSE Pod can be used to support pupil progress is available here.

4 November 2019

Excellent Attendance by Year 7

Congratulations to Year 7 on their excellent attendance...