24 January 2022

Time to remember the millions who lost their lives 

We are marking Holocaust Remembrance with form and lesson takeovers to make sure every student in our school understands what it is and how they play a part in making the future a kinder place. It’s important that this disgraceful treatment of an entire race is never allowed to happen again but that we all become more kind and live in a world where people aren’t discriminated against. As a school we have hope in our young people to make a different future if they are given the right learning and tools. This year’s theme is ‘One Day’ and we’ll be covering it each day w/c 24 January. Head over to our Twitter or Facebook accounts to keep up with what’s happening. 

We’ll also be encouraging our staff, pupils, and parents to light a candle and place in their window at 8pm, 27th January 2022 as part of a nationwide memorial event. Find out more about the event here.