2 March 2020

GCSE Pod have just published a guide for parents and carers on smart studying and cognitive learning techniques.  A copy of this guide is available on this link.  They have also published series of pods to support the development of study skills that are available for your daughter to watch within GCSE Pod at https://members.gcsepod.com/shared/studysmart. Please encourage your daughter to watch these pods to see if there are techniques which may help her further with her studying and revision.

Total number of GCSE Pod accessed by pupils last week; 1423 pods showing English Literature, History and Physics were the most watched subjects. We are in third place – out of 96 - in the GCSE Pod league for schools of our size in our region, with an average of 39.31 pods having been watched per KS4 pupil since 1st November 2019; the current round of this competition will end on 29th February.