24 July 2019

The summer holiday is an ideal time to reflect on the last school year and prepare for the next year.  We look forward to seeing all our pupils smartly dressed in their school uniform, with the appropriate equipment and ready for learning at 8:25am on Wednesday 4th September.  

Information on our school expectations is included in our Parent Information Booklet, available on this link.  

School Uniform

Parents are requested to ensure that when buying school uniform, it is in line with school policy.  This includes PE kit, school trousers and shoes, which must adhere to our school guidelines.  All items must be clearly labelled.  More information on our school uniform is available on this link.  

We are collecting spare uniform, PE kit and training shoes that we can use in emergencies.  If you have any items of uniform that are either too small or that you no longer require please donate them to the Pastoral Office.

Equipment and Organisation

All pupils will have a planner provided, which should be available during every lesson.  Every day pupils must bring a pencil case containing pens, pencils and a ruler for all lessons and a water bottle that they can refill at break or lunchtime.  The correct PE kit is required for all PE Lessons.

School Meals

If you wish your daughter to purchase school meals in September, please ensure that her ParentPay account has credit ready for the beginning of term.  Year 6 parents will have received a letter with their log in information.  You can log into ParentPay to top-up accounts on this link.

If your daughter intends to bring food to eat at break or lunchtime this must not contain nuts, as some of our pupils have food allergies.  Please also ensure that fizzy drinks, chewing gum, sweets, chocolate and crisps are not brought to school.