1 March 2019

National Careers Week starts on Monday 4th March. Within school we started a focus on careers yesterday, Thursday 28th February, when Year 10 pupils received a special assembly by the BBC Asian Network.  A panel of BBC employees from different career backgrounds were interviewed by a presenter to explain their career and the qualifications required.  This was a creative way for our pupils to learn more about several different careers.

The careers focus within school will continue next week, when there will be lots of different activities including:

  • Competition to design a careers app. Prizes will be awarded for the most creative and informative apps produced.
  • During form time pupils will be considering employability skills, learning about the labour market and taking part in quizzes.
  • Subject lessons will also include videos on careers linked to the specific subject.
  • A careers board will contain fun career facts and quotes designed to raise aspirations and encourage our pupils to consider and share their future career options.