15 February 2019

We have been competing in the GCSE Pod Games. In the last few days we have dropped to third place for the GCSE Pod Games, a competition running until the end of February that compares our use with 76 similar schools.  As a school, our average number of pods watched is 43.49.  An average of 44.88 have been watched by the school that is currently in first place.  Over the last week our highest use of GCSE Pod was by Year 8, who watched 296 pods.  

It is now less than 2 weeks until the end of the competition.  The half term holiday is a fantastic time for our pupils to watch GCSE Pod to help their understanding of any difficult topics and to support their learning.  Please continue to encourage your daughter to watch relevant GCSE pods to support her learning 

The half term holiday is also an ideal time for Year 11 to revise and prepare for their GCSE examinations.  Starting to prepare early for GCSE examinations helps pupils to reduce panic and stress, whilst it also improves examination results.  One revision technique is called ‘Spaced Practice’.  This is regular short periods of revision that combines learning and testing or recalling information that followed by a short break.  This pattern is repeated as topics are revisited.   GCSE Pod can help with this through their assignments.  Assignments test pupils’ knowledge and then recommend a playlist of Pods to close any gaps in knowledge.  After watching the recommended pods the assignment can be repeated to identify the learning achieved and where more work is required.  More information on this technique is available on this link

Further information for parents on GCSE Pod is available on this link.