11 January 2019

We are taking part in the GCSE Pod games, a competition running until the end of February that compares similar schools use of GCSE Pod.  It is wonderful that at the end of 2018 Hodge Hill Girls’ School were top of the Leader Board.  However, to be the winner of the GCSE Pod games, and more importantly for our pupils to realise the benefits of using GCSE Pod, it is essential that our pupils continue to regularly watch GCSE Pods to support and enhance learning.  
It is fabulous that over 16,000 pods have been watched by our pupils September to December 2018, with History and English Literature pods being the most popular.  This is a fantastic reflection of our pupil efforts and how useful many of our pupils are finding GCSE Pod as part of their learning and homework routine. Please continue to encourage your daughter to watch GCSE Pods and to further enhance her learning ask questions about what she remembers or has learnt from the Pod she has just watched
GCSE Pod are continually reviewing and adding new content.  They recently published 207 new pods in English Literature, Geography, Food Preparation and Nutrition, History, IT, Sciences and Religious Studies. Further information for parents on GCSE Pod is available on this link.