Subject Overview

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 pupils learn about diverse places, people, resources, natural and human environments, together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes. They will develop contextual knowledge of the location of globally significant places both terrestrial and marine including their defining physical and human characteristics and how these provide a geographical context for understanding the actions of processes. Pupils will go on to understand the processes that give rise to key physical and human geographical features of the world, how these are interdependent and how they bring about spatial variation and change over time.

Year 7

In Year 7 pupils will study the following units:

  • Map skills
  • My local Area
  • Extreme Planet
  • Investigating Africa
  • Population
  • Settlement  

Year 8

In Year 8 pupils will study the following units:

  • Hydrology and coasts
  • Shopping past and present
  • Weather and climate
  • Ecosystems
  • Mapping crime
  • Exploring Asia  

Year 9

In Year 9 pupils will study the following units:

  • Tourism
  • Global fashion industry
  • Exploring Russia
  • Climate change from the ice age to present
  • Investigating hazards
  • Sustainable development

Key Stage 4

Year 10

During Year 10 pupils will be studying OCR’s GCSE (9–1) specification. This will allow pupils to develop and extend their knowledge of locations, places, environments and processes, and of different scales including global, social, political and cultural contexts. Pupils are able to gain understanding of the interactions between people and environments, change in places and processes over space and time, and the interrelationship between geographical phenomena at different scales and in different contexts. Pupils will be able to develop and extend their competence in a range of skills including those used in fieldwork, in using maps and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and in researching secondary evidence, including digital sources; and develop their competence in applying sound enquiry and investigative approaches to questions and hypotheses.

Pupils will study the following units:

  • Global Hazards
  • Changing Climate
  • Distinctive Landscapes
  • Sustaining Ecosystems

Fieldwork will also be undertaken outside the classroom and beyond the school grounds on at least two occasions in contrasting locations and will include both physical and human geographical context.

Year 11

Pupils study the following units:

  • Resource Reliance
  • Urban Futures
  • Dynamic Development
  • UK in the 21st Century

At the end of the year pupils will sit three examinations.

  • Paper 1- Our Natural World.
  • Paper 2- People and Society.
  • Paper 3- Geographical Exploration.

(Reviewed: October 2019)