Subject Vision and Intent


Our main vision for Geography at Hodge Hill Girls School is to build on the knowledge and understanding students have of the world and to help them to understand the role they can play in shaping the future of the planet. Our curriculum will provide students with the opportunity to develop their awareness and understanding of the ways people interact with the physical geography of the planet. Students should be able to make links between ideas and understand that the actions of people can influence the opportunities and challenges future generations will face in years to come. We will develop a range of key skills in students that will help them both in their study of Geography and those wanted by employers. This includes the ability to communicate effectively, solve problems, make decisions, and interpret information.  



Five Year Plan




Year 7  

Year 8  

Year 9  

Year 10   

Year 11  


Autumn Term 1  


 Map Skills 1 



 Global Hazards 

 Urban Futures 


Autumn Term 2  


 Map Skills 2 

 Shopping, Past, Present   and Future 

 Global Fashion   Industry 

 Changing Climate 

 Dynamic Development and Human   Geography Fieldwork 


Spring Term 1  


 My Environment 

 Weather and Climate 


 Distinctive Landscapes 

 UK in the 21St Century 


Spring Term 2  


 Extreme Planet 




 Resources and Reliance 


Summer Term 1  


 Population and   Settlement 


 Investigating   Hazards 

 Physical Geography and   Fieldwork  



Summer Term 2  




 Climate Change 

 Human Geography and   Fieldwork 




Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11)


GCSE Geography 

Exam Board



GCSE Geography consists of 3 papers 


Paper 1: Our Natural World, this is worth 35% of the qualification. The exam is 1 hour 15 minutes. 


Paper 2: People and Society, this is worth 35% of the qualification. The exam is 1 hour 15 minutes. 


Paper 3: Geographical Exploration, this is worth 30% of the qualification. The exam is 1 hour 15 minutes. 


Key Topics 


Paper 1 - Our Natural World covers the following topics: 

  • Global Hazards 

  • Changing Climate 

  • Distinctive Lanscapers 

  • Sustaining Ecosystems 

  • Physical Geography Fieldwork 


Paper 2 – People and Society covers the following topics: 

  • Urban Futures 

  • Dynamic Development 

  • UK in the 21st Century 

  • Resources Reliance 

  • Human Geography Fieldwork 


Paper 3 does not require pupils to learn any new content but apply what they already know.