Subject Overview

Hodge Hill Girls' School is proud to develop our pupils as citizens who are aware of their responsibilities locally, nationally and globally. This is achieved through a programme of assemblies, the school ethos and the curriculum.  

In Years 7 and 8, Citizenship is taught through the PSHCE programme every Wednesday morning.  

Year 9  

Year 9 Citizenship is taught as a "stand-alone" lesson, which covers Personal Finance, Our Precious Liberties, Law and Order and Representative Democracy. There are three assessments throughout the year.

Years 10 and 11 - GCSE Citizenship

In Years 10 and 11 pupils can chose to study the OCR specification for GCSE Citizenship.

The course content will be assessed across all 3 exam papers. The suggested topic order is as follows (the topics are listed however refer to the main scheme of work for the precise content):

  Year 10 Year 11


7 weeks

Week 1: Introduction to the course  

Remainder of the term:

The British Constitution (including the history of human rights) 

The British Constitution (including the history of human rights)


7 weeks

Responsibilities including legal rights and aspects of The Law (The legal system - England and Wales)

Identity and diversity in UK society

Y11 mock exams


7 weeks

The Law (The legal system - England and Wales) continued

Citizenship Practical Action

Politics beyond the UK

The UK and its relations with the wider world


6 weeks

Democracy, elections and voting in the UK

Citizenship Practical Action continued

Revisiting key topics

Exam technique, past papers and revision


5 weeks

National local, regional and devolved government Revision – exam TBC


7 weeks

The economy, finance and money

Y10 exams

Revision – exam TBC

(Reviewed September 2018)