Education should help pupils respond to the opportunities and challenges of the rapidly changing world in which we live and work. In particular, they need to be prepared as individual citizens, to respond to the changing pattern of work and leisure, the expansion of communication systems and the increasingly global nature of our world. In this context we have developed a balanced curriculum framework which allows a flexible but coherent approach to study for all pupils. We are committed to raising the achievements, attainments and aspirations of everyone in our school community and address equal opportunities by carefully considering the diverse needs for our young women with regard to ability and cultural background.   

The core purpose of Secondary Education is to enable young people to learn and achieve. We work with determination to ensure that literacy, numeracy, Information Communication Technology and thinking skills progress from Primary School and are integrated into the basic skills curriculum for all pupils. Curriculum extension and enrichment are key elements of the opportunities offered within the day, as an integrated part of our Curriculum and Achievement Days and in Out of Hours Clubs and Teams.  

We have high expectations for our pupils, which are clearly communicated through our monitoring and target setting processes. Regular individual and group reviews and assessments provide information regarding progress and help us to review together what is learnt and taught, and provide intervention should this be necessary. Pupil progress is reviewed on a regular basis throughout the academic year. 

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