What is Character Education?

Character Education encapsulates everything our students experience and learn at Hodge Hill Girls’ School both within and outside of the classroom. 

Having good character enables individuals to thrive and flourish and make better choices in life. This is why Character Education is highly valued and at the heart of all we do in school.

We are proud to have received recognition for our hard work and success in ensuring that high quality Character Education is delivered and embedded at Hodge Hill Girls’ School. As part of this recognition, we have been awarded ‘The Schools of Character’ Kitemark Award by the Association for Character Education.  


Why is Character Education so important?

Through Character Education at Hodge Hill Girls’ School your child’s personal qualities, skills, emotional resilience and confidence will be developed so they have the tools to become high achievers in all walks of life. Improving a young person’s social and emotional skills enhances their long-term wellbeing and leads to a more confident and fulfilled life. 



Hodge Hill Girls’ School Character Education Pillars?

Character Education is part of everything we do as a school, but we do have some specially designed programmes and initiatives that your child will be encouraged to be part of. These include:


Our Leadership and Character Building-Programme

All students are actively encouraged to participate in the programme which involves mastering skills and qualities and also demonstrating leadership attributes. Students are awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold as they progress through the Leadership and Character Building-Programme. 


Our School Houses

We’ve developed a School House system to enable the students to practice their leadership skills and get them ready for the world of work. When joining us here at Hodge Hill Girls’ School, your daughter will be placed into one of five houses; Curie (named after Marie Curie), Williams (Named after Serena Williams), Parks (Named after Rosa Parks), Yousafzai (Named after Malala Yousafzai) and Dench (Named after Judy Dench. There are many ways to be involved with your house as well as rewards. 


Pupil Voice

At Hodge Hill Girls’ School the voices of all pupils’ matter and are heard. Pupil voice is regularly captured through Pastoral and Curriculum surveys and following school initiatives and events. In addition pupils express their views through their House Leaders and House Captains who meet weekly as a School Council to feedback on aspects of school life and to share ideas and provide suggestions for school events and fundraising activities.


Charity Work

We’re passionate about giving back to our community and being part of making positive change happen. Through Pupil Voice our students decide which charities to support. Working together they lead on the creative initiatives to raise awareness and funds. 

Rights Respecting Schools

We are committed to valuing and raising awareness about children’s rights according to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). We are proud to have been recognised as a Rights Respecting School by UNICEF and endeavour to promote the rights of the child through our ethos, values and vision and all aspects of school life.